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Complete Air Assist Airless Systems

C.A. Technologies has developed a full product line of professional Air Assist Airless manual and automatic guns, pumps and accessories. This product, when employed in a fine finish application, produces high volume production with outstanding quality of finish results. The atomized finishing material is properly atomized and this results into a high quality finish which is applied at a high transfer rate. More material goes on the part instead of being lost in overspray. The material savings yields more square footage finished at a lower cost per mil thickness. Less solvent is required to gain atomization and this is a very good 'green technology'.

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AAA Tip 313
Our Price: $69.50

0.013 AAA Tip
AAA Tip 315
Our Price: $69.50

0.015 AAA Tip
AAA Tip 517
Our Price: $69.50

0.017 AAA Tip 50 degree, 10" width
AAA Tip 717
Our Price: $69.50

0.017 AAA Tip 70 degree, 14" width
AAA Tip 417
Our Price: $69.50

0.017 AAA Tip 40 degree, 8" width
Cougar Air Assist Airless Gun
Our Price: $629.00

The Cougar is a fine finish gun for wood or metal product finishing. Includes all stainless steel fluid passages, ergonomic design, integrated fluid filter and easy trigger pull.
Air Inlet 1/4" NPS (m)
Fluid Inlet 1/4" NPS (m)
Weight  23 oz.
Bobcat Automatic Air Assist Airless
Our Price: $799.00

Bobcat Automatic Air Assist Airless
AAA 14:1 Fine Finish Pump Wall Mount
Our Price: $1,425.00

AAA 14:1 Fine Finish Pump Wall Mount
H2O AAA 14:1 Wall Mount Pump Only
Our Price: $1,490.00

H2O AAA 14:1  Wall Mount Pump Only
AAA 14:1 Fine Finish Pump Cart Mount
Our Price: $1,625.00

AAA 14:1 Fine Finish Pump Wall Mount

Where Does Air Assist Airless Fit?

Tech Corner
Air Spray provides a high end quality finish.
HVLP gives a higher transfer of paint from the gun to the piece to be painted.
Airless provides high production painting for construction and maintenance.
Air Assist Airless is a high production fine finish tool for wood and metal product finishing. This technology is also used for on-site for high end mill work and cabinet finishing.
Where does air assist airless fit? It just depends on your application. Let's discuss your application.

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