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CAT Guns Perform When the Compressed Air Supply is Limited

C.A. Technologies provides a solution for those applications where compressed air is in modest supply. The Lynx L100H when set up with a low cfm air cap may use as little as 6 cfm. A 2 horsepower air compressor can supply the air required to operate this professional grade HVLP professional air spray gun. The gun comes with a standard fluid tip and air cap setup. This may not be the setup you want. You may select from options offered and change the setup or call us to discuss your application. - 'the finishing authority.'

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Lynx 100C Air Spray Gun LYNX L100C Air Spray Gun

LYNX L100C Air Spray Gun

Our Price: $267.00
Lynx L200C Conventional Air Spray Gun Lynx L200C Corrosion Control Conventional Air Spray Gun

The Lynx L200C is a General Purpose conventional air spray gun.  This gun can be set up to spray hard to atomize corrosion control coatings. The Lynx 200C  gun comes standard with stainless steel fluid passages.

Air Inlet 1/4" NPS (m)
Fluid Inlet 3/8" NPS (m)
Weight 20 oz.

Standard setup 1.7 fluid tip x 22-2704 air cap 21 CFM General Purpose

Our Price: $305.00
Providing Direction - Improving Performance
Air Spray Tech Consulting

Tech Corner

How Do I adjust my Spray Pattern?
  1. Be able to identify all gun parts and function.
  2. Hook up the gun to hose connections and attach compressed air  hose.
  3. With compressed air pressure and paint ready to spray.
  4. Turn the side port control air, off. (All the way in.)
  5. With the adjustment needle fully open.  Engage the trigger.  The paint should be a solid stream and should be pressurized so as to have a stream travel of about 30". Adjust trigger travel as required. 
  6. Open the side port control valve, trigger gun to the desired width.
  7. Increase air pressure to the atomized air  to about 35 psi. This is a starting number. Adjust as required.
  8. Use a testing surface to evaluate the spray gun spray pattern about 20" to 24" away from the surface, pull the trigger with the gun moving.  Look at the spray pattern. The fan should be full and atomized paint particles even in shape.  Adjust pressures up or down as required for atomization. 
  9. With a gun to target distance of 8" to 12",  trigger the gun and spray an area to evaluate the appearance of the paint film. 
  10. The numbers suggested are typical and your situation may call for a different pressure set up. These are typical starting pressures. 
  11. Rely on the spray pattern and paint film to determine the set up.  Cover up the air regulator gauge. Do not depend upon a number  on a gauge, rely upon the results of the paint film. Let the paint film tell you what need to be done to improve the spray pattern. - 'the finishing authority'