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Go System Compressor Outfits
Spraying Outfits

  • We have selected a limited number of complete outfits for your consideration.
  • We have 1 quart siphon or 1 quart pressure cups, 2 quart remote pressure cups, 2.5 gallon, 5 gallon, 10 gallon, 12.5 gallon,15 gallon pressure pots and air assist airless outfits for your consideration.
  • Take a quick shop and see if we have listed what you need.
  • If you have needs or requirements that the selected units do not meet, please contact us, we have many, many other offline standard units available.
  • To build your own cup or pressure pot outfit See This will give you a part number and a price. Contact Us with the newly created part number.
  • C.A. Technologies professional grade complete spray outfits carry a LIFETIME WARRANTY.
  • Call us with your needs and requirements.
  • Go Systems - Browse for complete portable spraying systems.

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HVLP Spray Gun  w/ pressure cup
OL100H-303R Lynx 100H HVLP w/303R Pressure Cup Reg Outfit
Our Price: $479.00

This C.A. Technologies  outfit is a Lynx 100 series HVLP gun with a 1 quart pressure cup with regulator
HVLP  Spray Gun Cat SLP Technology 51-303R 1 quart pressure cup.
OCSLP-303R Cat SLP & 1 Qt Pressure Cup w/ Reg
Our Price: $535.00

Cat SLP & 1 Qt Pressure Cup w/ Reg
TomCat w/ 2 Qt Bandit & Hose set
OT100C-600 TomCat w/ 2 Qt Bandit & Hose Set
Our Price: $647.00

C.A Technologies's TomCat general purpose conventional air spray gun with Bandit 2 quart pressure cup with 5' air and5'  fluid hose and fittings.

Air Inlet 1/4" NPS (m)
Fluid Tip 3/8" NPS (m)
Wt. gun only 19 oz.

Standard pressure setup; Fluid Tip 1.2 x 21-2263, 14 CFM medium, general purpose
Other nozzles available
HVLP Gun w/ 2 Qt Pressure Cup
OL300H-600 Lynx 300 HVLP w/ 2 qt Bandit Pressure Cup
Our Price: $806.49

This outfit features the Lynx 300 series HVLP with the Bandit 2 quart pressure cup with air & fluid hose with fittings.

Air Inlet 1/4" NPS (m)
Fluid Inlet 3/8" NPS (m)
Wt. Gun Only 20 oz.

Standard gun setup:  Fluid Tip 1.3 x Air Cap 23-1013, 13.5 CFM, automotive and wood finish
BC100H Black Cat Portable HVLP Cart Unit w/ L100
BC100H Black Cat Portable HVLP Cart Unit w/ L100
Our Price: $2,525.00

Portable HVLP System

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