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Gravity Compliant w/PPS H2O-CPR-G-PPS H2O Cat Pack Gravity Compliant w/PPS

The CPR technology combines the transfer efficiency of HVLP
The speed and quality of finish of conventional air spray guns.
The nozzle requires 11cfm @ 29 psi recommended inlet pressure
Transfer efficiency of HVLP
Stainless steel fluid passages
Patented 12 point atomization
Includes 3 needle & nozzle sizes
Includes HVLP & Compliant air caps
Includes durable plastic case plus additional
This is a gun for waterborne materials

The gravity cup is a 3M PPS.

Air Inlet 1/4” NPS (m)
Fluid Inlet 16m x 1.5
Weight 25 oz
Fluid tips included: 1.3, 1.5, 1.7
Air cap requires 11.5 CFM
With the HVLP air cap this gun complies with all environmental regulations for HVLP

Our Price: $550.00