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C.A. Technologies - Better Under Pressure

Shown are 3 models of 1 quart pressure cup outfits. We can make up an outfit for you if your requirements differ from what is shown. Choose the gun set up that is best for the job. A pressure cup is perfect for small jobs where precise fluid control is required. Call with your questions.

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HVLP Spray Gun  w/ pressure cup
OL100H-303R Lynx 100H HVLP w/303R Pressure Cup Reg Outfit
Our Price: $479.00

This C.A. Technologies  outfit is a Lynx 100 series HVLP gun with a 1 quart pressure cup with regulator
HVLP  Spray Gun Cat SLP Technology 51-303R 1 quart pressure cup.
OCSLP-303R Cat SLP & 1 Qt Pressure Cup w/ Reg
Our Price: $535.00

Cat SLP & 1 Qt Pressure Cup w/ Reg
Lynx Fine Finish HVLP Spray Gun w/ 1 Qt Press Cup
OL300H-303R Lynx 300H HVLP w/1 Qt Pressure Cup / Regulator Outfit
Our Price: $570.00

The Lynx 300H HVLP is a fine finish professional spray gun with a
the 51-303-R2 1 quart pressure cup and regulator outfit. Max cup pressure 10 psi.

Air Inlet 1/4" NPS (m)
Fluid Inlet 3/8" NPS (m)
Wt. gun only 20  oz.

Standard set up 1.3 x air cap  23-1013, 13.5 CFM  (gun is priced with an external mix air cap)
other nozzles available

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