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Improve Paint Spray Application with Professional Grade Equipment. We feature equipment from the Wagner Group and Azimuth Spray Systems, LLC
C.A. Technologies HVLP Spray Guns, Conventional Air Spray Guns, Air Assist Airless Pneumatic Pumps and Pressure Tanks and related paint spraying equipment parts and accessories
Wagner Industrial Pneumatic Pumps, Spray Guns and Electrostatics manual and automatic application equipment.
Wagner Powder Coating, Manual and automatic systems.
Titan Tool Professional Airless Pumps, Guns and accessories.
Walther Pilot Spraying Equipment.
RTT Engineered Solutions for Spray Booths, Ovens and related equipment.


Superior Design and Engineering goes into each C.A. Technologies product (a member of the Wagner Group). As a result you receive a high quality paint finish. New to the site is Cat-Xpress Pressure Feed Air Spray Gun, Wagner Industrial Liquid Pumps and Spray Guns, Wagner Liquid Electrostatic Spray Equipment and Wagner Powder Electrostatic Spray Equipment. Just released The T2 Mini Touch Up Gun and T2 Glaze Outfit.

New to the site is Titan Tool Airless Spray Equipment, parts and accessories. Additionally, we have access to Walther Pilot Quality Spray Equipment.

A major key to any finishing system is the spray booth and related finishing components. We provide RTT Engineered Solutions 'Simple Spraying Systems' that make sense for industrial applications.

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Fluid Hose Assy 15' x 1/4" Fluid Hose Assy 15' x 1/4" id 53-213-15

Fluid Hose Temperature range is 0 to 190 degrees F Braided high strength synthetic yarn Smooth black synthetic rubber casing Oil resistant 750 psi working pressure 15' x 1/4" w/ connections

Our Price: $83.92
Air Hose Assy 50' x 1/4" Air Hose Assy 50' x 1/4" id 53-111-50

Specifications for low pressure air hose Temperature range is -20 to + 190 degrees F Textile reinforced Smooth red synthetic rubber casing Oil resistant 200 psi working pressure 50' x 1/4" id w/connections Typical air & fluid hose pictured with fittings for illustration only. Product priced is air hose with connections.

Our Price: $120.73
TomCatAir Spray Gun,2.5 Gallon, Hose OT100C-201 TomCat Spray Gun 2.5 Ga Press Pot 1 Reg Hose

This C.A. Technologies outfit consists of the Tomcat Conventional Spray Gun, 2.5 gallon pressure pot, 1 regulator, 25' x 5/16" id air hose, 25' x 3/8" id fluid hose with fittings.

Air Inlet 1/4" NPS (m)
Fluid Inlet 3/8" NPS (m)
Standard setup Fluid Tip 1.2 x Air Cap 21-2263, 14 CFM, Medium, General Purpose, Enamels, Lacquers

Our Price: $1,023.44
Sale Price: $952.00
You save $71.44!
CPR-G-A-PPS CPR-G-A-PPS Compliant Air Spray Gun


The C.A. Technologies COMPLIANT AIR SPRAY GUNS deliver the best of both worlds. Transfer efficency of HVLP Finish quality of conventional air spray Increase production application speed over traditional HVLP The CPR Pack comes in a durable plastic case Includes 3 different needles & nozzles for spraying a wide range of materials. Plus $250.00 of of free accessories to make this the most valuable spray gun kits in the industry. The nozzle requires 11 CFM at 29PSI recommended inlet pressure This PACK is for automotive applications. fluid tips 1.3, 1.5, 1.7 Standard with 1 quart 3M PPS System This gun when fitted with the HVLP air cap complies with all environmental regulations for HVLP

Repair Kit - 10-106 Repair Kit
Parts Sheet - CPR-G

Our Price: $657.48
Sale Price: $612.00
You save $45.48!

Question: What Can You Spray? Answer: Almost Everything!
Professional Quality Paint Spray Equipment for all Applications.

About Azimuth Spray Systems, LLC

We are dedicated to provide professional quality C.A. Technologies Air Spray and HVLP Spray Guns, Siphon Cups, Gravity Cups. Pressure Pots, Pumps, Repair Parts and spray equipment accessories for your paint spraying requirements. We also provide expert consultation and outstanding customer service. Our aim is to lower your cost while improving the finish quality. In addition to C.A. Technologies, we also offer RTT Finishing Solutions formerly Col-Met Spray Booths, Ovens, Stacks and related equipment.
Industrial Solutions that make sense, from www.airspraytech.com - the finishing authority!

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Powrbeast 4700T Electric

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Our Price: $8,839.00
Sale Price: $6,480.00
You save $2,359.00!
Powrbeast 4700T Electric



    The PowrBeast™ 9700 direct immersion gas airless sprayer provides unmatched durability and performance. The PowrBeast offers the innovative HydraStroke Technology™ with only one moving part, the Severe Service™ fluid section that has a long slow stroking piston all powered by a best in class Honda® engine. Recommended for large projects or when you need the power to spray heavy coatings.

    Sprays stains, lacquers, epoxies, enamels, elastomeric, latex, dry fall and block fillers

    • Designed to consistently spray 400-500 gallons per week
    • Can power up to 5 guns
    • HydraStroke Technology™ Efficient and versatile with no clutch to burn
    • Severe Service™ Fluid Section Powerful slow-stroking piston
    • Active Cooling Tank Maximizes airflow to actively cool the system
    • Front Mounted Motor/Pump Assembly Easy to access for maintenance and service
    • Submersed Foot Valve Maximizes suction for heavy graded materials
    • Optimized Shrouding Directs air flow across the motor keeping it cooler
    • Large 12" Pneumatic Tires For increased portability and travel over rough surfaces
    • Built-In Lift Handles For easy loading and unloading
    • Powered by Honda®
  • Owners Manual

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