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Some applications are very difficult to spray with any success at all.
Zinc can be one of those applications. The Panther Air Spray Gun by C.A. Technologies has been designed for this type of harsh application. This professional grade air spray gun is a proven performer for spraying zinc.
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Designed for Zinc Rich Coatings Panther P200Z Heavy Duty Air Spray Gun Panther P200Z Zinc Rich Air Spray Gun

Teflon Coated and Designed for Zinc Rich Coatings!!

The Panther P200Z Zinc Rich is a rugged general purpose, conventional air spray gun designed for spraying zinc rich coatings. Our P200Z has a Delrin tipped fluid nozzle to prevent plating and a unique leather Teflon packing arrangement that increases your spraying time before the gun needs to be cleaned. The body and air cap are Teflon anodized to aid in clean-up and extend the life of the gun. This gun comes standard with air-adjusting valve, stainless steel fluid passages and heavy-duty needle return spring. Specifications: Air Inlet 1/4" NPS (m) Fluid Inlet (m) NPS (m) Weight 20 oz. Standard setup 2.2Z fluid tip x 2064T air cap 22 CFM Heavy Body, Primers, Zinc.

See options for additional spray gun setups.

Repair Kit - 10-108
Parts Sheet - Panther P200Z.
Sales Sheet - Panther 200Z
For Best Value - Smart Pack.

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