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Simple Spraying Systems

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We provide high quality galvanized steel ductwork and other needed accessories to properly exhaust your finishing equipment. The components come in a wide variety of configurations depending on your paint booth structure and features. Our ductwork construction provides superior protection against destructive elements including corrosion and rust.

It is simple. One, select the Spray Booth. Two, select the Control Panel. Three, select the Standard Stack Package. The Standard Stack Package is 25' in length. If you need a longer stack we strongly suggest that you use spiral pipe. The standard stack package includes the following: connector ring, plain pipe, plain pipe with cleanup door, flat or pitched roof flanges, storm collar, automatic roof ventilator and guy wire kit 6'. Offsets are not included.

If you require additional length you may add to your order from open stock in the following diameters: 12',18", 24", 30" 36" and 42". Selections in this open stock section are Plain Pipe. They come with and without cleanup door. Roof Flanges, Pitched or Flat. Storm Collars, Automatic Roof Ventilator, Elbows 45 and 90 degree Plain or Spiral. Automatic Shutter, Floor Mount Fan Stand, Flat Roof Fan Stand, Wall Mount Fan Stand. Questions? Please call or email.

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