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So What is the Scoop On How To Order
Air Assist Airless Tips?
By C.A. Technologies

What size is a 36-207? The 36- identifies the part as a C.A. Technologies item. The next 3 numbers identify the angle and orifice size. For example to understand the size of a 36-207, after the dash take the first number and add a zero. This will tell you the angle in degrees of the tip. In this example this tip will give you a 20 degree fan. The pattern width in inches is 2 x's the "2" in this example and would give you a 4" width when held about 12" from the surface to be sprayed. The last 2 digits identify the orifice size. In this case .0.007

If you have questions, please call.
For waterborne products use add an "F" to the tip number. See Opti-tips for use with waterborne finishes.
The Opti-tips help reduce micro-bubbles in waterborne product films.

Providing Direction - Improving Performance

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Air Assist Tip Assembly Air Assist Tip Assembly

Air Assist Tip Assembly for C.A. Technology Bobcat and Cougar. This design also is a perfect fit for Kremlin Air Assist Airless .

See drop down box to select tip size.

Our Price: $95.97