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What this site is not. This is not a full blown turnkey custom design center for complete finishing systems. This site is for offering standard products. Put together into Simple Spray Systems. We take away the hassle of too many choices and select standard system components and combine into what we call "Simple Spray Systems". This reduces cost and delivery times. We do not have to include charges for engineering of custom components.

If this is your first small step into product finishing, this is a good first step. We can help you in making decisions and selections for your finishing system. This site is also for the user who has a small finishing line and wishes to change or improve a simple product finishing line.

We will work with you to help you experience success with your Product Finishing System. We offer Simple Spray Systems. We have world class high quality air spray, HVLP, air assist airless, airless, manual liquid electrostatic Simple Spraying Systems,.

If you are finishing a manufactured product then this is the spot for you.
To finish a quality manufactured product with a liquid or a powder coat finish requires knowledgable assistance in your selection of the process spray equipment. To point and click your way to a product finishing system is not something to be entered into by yourself. We wish to provide assistance every step on the way to your OEM finished product line.

We understand finishing. We want to discuss with you your ideas about what you would like to do about your new or present system. Are you establishing a new OEM product finishing system or improving quality or expanding production? Talk to "the finishing authority", Azimuth Spray Systems, LLC,

If you have Industrial non-Electrostatic or electrostatic equipment and require parts and accessories, we are at your service. Enter the part number into the search box and press enter. When it appears, select and click to add to your cart. If the part does not show up, send us a message and let us find it for you.

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Viscosity Conversion Chart - A Viscosity Guide
Air Spray Tech Consulting
Tech Corner
Thin Coatings 14 to 21 Seconds #2 Zahn or
5 to 14 Seconds
#4 Ford Cup - Stains and Lacquers
Medium Coatings 20 to 30 Seconds #2 Zahn or
18 to 28 Seconds
#4 Ford Cup - Enamels and Urethanes
Heavy Coatings 30 Seconds or
Greater #2 Zahn Cup or
28 + Seconds #4 Ford Cup - Latex and Epoxies

Providing Direction, Improving Performance!

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'the finishing authority'