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CAT Precision Air Spray Guns Provide World Class Quality Finishes
C.A. Technologies offers the 300 series of fine finish air spray guns.

A wide selection of fluid tips and air caps are available. The 300 series provides excellent atomization and that results in a fine finish. The gun comes with a standard fluid tip and air cap setup. This may not be the setup you want. You may select from options offered and change the setup or call us to discuss your application. Questions? We have answers. - 'the finishing authority.'

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Best Air Spray Gun LYNX L300C Air Spray Gun

The Very Best (Fine Finish) Air Spray Gun!

The Lynx L300C is a fine finish conventional air spray gun for achieving the ultimate in fine atomization. This professional tool is designed for production use. The gun is perfect for automotive and wood fine finish applications. The Lynx 300c Air Spray Gun offers a self adjusting needle and air valve packing, air adjusting valve, light weight and rugged construction. This gun has stainless steel fluid passages and incorporates the patented 12 point plenum design. This patented design delivers a smaller and more uniform material particles providing an even and smooth finish.

Air Inlet 1/4" NPS (m)
Fluid inlet 3/8" NPS (m)
Weight 20 oz.
Standard setup 1.0 Fluid Tip x 2010 air cap 10.3 CFM Automotive Finishes, Fine Finish, Wood Coatings

Select the Fluid Nozzle and Air Cap combinations that is right for your application. If you are not sure which set up is right for you, then check out the parts sheet for helpful information. Still need assistance with your selection, call us at 877-490-1777. We will be pleased to assist you with your selection.

Lynx L300C Spray Gun Repair Kit - 10-106.
Parts Sheet - Lynx L300C.
See Cat Pack - Lynx L300C Smart Pack.

Our Price: $404.41
Sale Price: $385.00
You save $19.41!
Jaguar 300C Air Spray Gun Jaguar 300C Air Spray Gun

The Jaguar 300C Conventional Air Spray Gun Has Excellent Break-Up Power To Achieve The Ultimate In Atomization.

The C.A. Technologies Jaguar J300C is a conventional gravity feed air spray gun for spraying fine finish coatings. Perfect for wood and automotive markets. Specifications: Air Inlet 1/4" NPS (m) Fluid Inlet 16m x 1.5 Weight: 20 oz. Standard setup 1.3 fluid tip x 2013 air cap 10.3 CFM Automotive Finishes, Fine Finish, Wood Coatings.

See Jaguar 300C options for additional selections. For additional information see parts sheet.

Repair Kit - 10-105
Parts Sheet - J300C.

For the best value

Our Price: $438.76
Sale Price: $417.00
You save $21.76!
All C.A. Technologies spray guns are available in outfits. For example, 1 quart cups, 2 quart cups, pressure pots and pumps. Questions? Give us a call.