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General Purpose HVLP Spray Guns

C.A.Technologies Has A Complete Family of Professional HVLP Spray Guns.

The 100 series of air caps and fluid tips are for general purpose HVLP guns. These general purpose professional HVLP spray guns atomize the widest range of coatings. Call us to discuss your application.

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The Best HVLP Paint Gun for Beginners Techline T3 HVLP Gravity

The Best Paint Gun for Beginners!

(If You Are Spraying Primer, Base Coat, Clear Coat; This is the Spray Gun For You!)

The Techline T3 HVLP is an economically priced gravity feed gun for use with a range of coatings from primers to top coats to stains.

The T3 combines C.A.T. HVLP fine finish nozzles on a low cost gun body so you can achieve the best of both worlds - economy and fine finish. Features include air adjusting valve and 750 cc plastic cup. Specifications:
Air Inlet 1/4" NPS (m)
Fluid Inlet: 16m x 1.5
Weight 27 oz.
Standard set up 1.3 fluid tip x 1013 air cap 13.5 CFM Automotive Finishes. See drop down box for additional gun set ups. For additional information see parts sheet. For personal service call toll free 877-490-1777.

Techline T3 Spray Gun Repair Kit 10-111
Parts Sheet - Techline T3.
Sales Sheet - Techline T3.

Our Price: $303.97
Sale Price: $288.00
You save $15.97!
Jaguar J100H HVLP Gravity General Purpose Jaguar J100H Gravity General Purpose

Gravity At It's Best!

The Jaguar J100H is a general purpose gravity feed gun for automotive and wood finishing. Features include all stainless steel fluid passages, low volume nozzles for small air compressors and self adjusting needle packing. The gun comes standard with 750cc aluminum gravity cup. Specifications: Air Inlet 1/4" NPS (m) Fluid Inlet 16m x 1.5 Weight: 25 oz. Standard setup 1.4 fluid tip x 1093 air cap 10 CFM Low CFM General Industrial & Wood Finishes.

See drop down box for Jaguar 100H setup options. Please reference the parts sheet for additional information. For additional assistance call toll free 877-490-1777.

J100H - Parts Sheet
J100H HVLP Spray Gun Repair Kit - 10-105.

Our Price: $451.81
Sale Price: $430.00
You save $21.81!
Lynx 100H HVLP Spray Gun Lynx L100H

Industrial General Purpose
Low CFM HVLP Spray Gun

The L100H is unique in that it offers a wide range of Nozzles that will function with small air compressors (2HP) to spray dyes, spray stains, topcoats and primers. Other nozzles are available for breaking up high solids materials. Stainless steel fluid passages, lightweight and rugged construction make the Lynx 100H a great gun for on-site or production applications.
Air Inlet 1/4" NPS (m)
Fluid Inlet 3/8" NPS (m)
Weight: 20 oz.
Standard setup: 1.3 fluid tip & 1090 Low CFM air cap,

See Lynx L100H Drop Down Box For Spray Gun Setup Options.
See parts sheet for helpful information. Call 877-490-1777 for helpful and friendly assistance.

Lynx L100H - Parts Sheet
HVLP Spray Gun Repair Kit 10-106
Spray Gun Covers Protect Your Spray Gun.
Gun Cleaning Kit - 10-500

Our Price: $491.53
Sale Price: $466.00
You save $25.53!

The Worst Thing To Do To The Spray Gun You Love
Or Being Green Pays

Air Spray Tech Consulting
Tech Corner

What is it? At the end of the shift you take your spray gun and put it into a bucket of solvent for cleaning or take it apart for cleaning.

This is not a good idea. It in fact is a bad idea. Do not do it. Dirty solvent with find it's way into internal air passages and soil or block those passages. At the most, remove the air cap for cleaning with clean solvent. Replace when cleaning is complete. Some painters spray with gloves on. Here is an idea, put a glove on the gun, instead of your hand. Gun gloves are available, inquire within. The gun remains clean only the air cap is exposed. This makes clean up a snap. The cost of the glove is offset by the savings in labor to clean the gun and the expense of the cleaning solvent. This is a 'green solution' and it pays.

Providing Direction, Improving Performance

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