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Question? What Can You Do with An Air Spray Gun?
Answer: Almost Anything

In this section we look at the special applications.
  • For abrasives see the Lynx 100CVT
  • For the zinc applications see Panther 200Z
  • For corrosion control see the Panther 200C.

The guns come with a standard fluid tip and air cap setup. This may not be the setup you want. You may select from options offered and change the setup or call us to discuss your application.

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Lynx L200C Conventional Air Spray Gun Lynx L200C Corrosion Control Conventional Air Spray Gun

Upgrade To The Lynx L200C General Purpose Conventional Air Spray Gun!

Excellent for High Heavy Solids Atomization!

The Lynx 200C professional air spray gun can be set up to spray hard to atomize corrosion control coatings. The Lynx 200C gun comes standard with stainless steel fluid passages. Air Inlet 1/4" NPS (m) Fluid Inlet 3/8" NPS (m) Weight 20 oz.

See Lynx L200C Setup Selections.
If your are not sure about which guns set up is right for your application, reference the parts sheet for helpful information. If you have additional questions, we would be pleased to learn about the application and provide guidance in the proper selection of a set up for your spray gun. Please call us at 877-490-1777.

Repair Kit - 10-106
Parts Sheet - Lynx L200C
Sales Sheet - Lynx L200C

Our Price: $399.20
Sale Price: $380.00
You save $19.20!
Jaguar J100C Jaguar J100C Gravity Spray Gun

Are You Looking for a Spray Gun For GelCoat? You Are In The Right Spot!

The C.A. Technologies Jaguar J100C is a general purpose conventional air spray gun for spraying thick coatings like Gelcoat.

The Jaguar Gravity feed spray gun has excellent break-up power to atomize the toughest coatings. The gun has all stainless steel fluid passages. Specifications: Air Inlet 1/4" NPS (m) Fluid Inlet 16m x 1.5 Weight 20 oz. Standard set up 1.5 x 2466 for top coat 15 CFM Standard setup 2.8 fluid tip x 2268 air cap 15 CFM Heavy Body, Primers, Gelcoat.

See Jaguar Setup Options for additional selections.

Repair Kit - 10-105.
Parts Sheet - J100C

Our Price: $413.00
Sale Price: $393.00
You save $20.00!
Panther 200C Corrosion Control Air Spray Gun Panther P200C Corrosion Control Air Spray Gun

(Superior Atomization for High Solids Paint!)

The Panther P200C is a Premium Conventional Air Spray Gun designed for the corrosion control market. Designed for spraying in harsh environments, this gun has the break-up power to atomize heavy high solids coatings. Specifications: Air Inlet 1/4" NPS (m) Fluid Inlet 3/8" NPS (m) Weight 20 oz. Standard Setup 1.8 fluid tip x 2064 air cap 22CFM Heavy Body, Primers,

Repair Kit - 10-110
Parts Sheet - Panther P200C.
Sales Sheet - Panther P200C

Our Price: $423.47
Sale Price: $403.00
You save $20.47!
Lynx L100CVT Abrasives Air Spray Gun LYNX L100CVT Air Spray Gun

Are You Spraying Abrasives?

(Check Out The Best Abrasive Spray Gun!)

The Lynx L100CVT is a standard conventional air spray gun for spraying abrasive materials such as porcelains and ceramics. The fluid nozzle orifice and fluid needle are fabricated from Tungsten Carbide for maximum tip life. The two-piece fluid nozzle makes this a more affordable option.
Air Inlet 1/4" NPS (m)
Fluid Inlet 3/8" NPS (m)
Weight 20 oz.
Standard setup 2.2V fluid tip x 2167 air cap 15 CFM Vitreous Spray, Porcelain

CFM requirements vary by air cap. See parts sheet for more information.
Repair Kit - 10-106
Parts Sheet - Lynx L100CVT.
Sales Sheet - Lynx L100CVT

Our Price: $588.11
Sale Price: $559.00
You save $29.11!

Overlooking A Simple Step
Air Spray Tech Consulting
Tech Corner

The storage conditions of your paints and coatings is more important than you might think.

Temperature of the storage area is of concern and I am afraid, very overlooked. The paint gains viscosity as the temperature lowers. Paint is formulated to be used at 77 degrees F. I want to encourage you to control the temperature of the coatings prior to usage. A paint or coating stored at proper temperature is easier to apply. Painting is a hard job to do correctly. Do yourself a favor and make your paint job a little easier by controlling the temperature of the stored paint.

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