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Spray Guns For the Coatings That Protect Our Bridges,
Towers and Infrastructure

C.A. Technologies has the 200 series of air caps and fluid tips for HVLP spray guns. This series of nozzles is for hard to atomize coatings. These types of coatings are generally found in corrosion control applications.

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Lynx 200H Corrosion Control HVLP Spray Gun
Lynx 200H HVLP
Heavy Duty HVLP
Panther 200H HVLP
Our Price: $399.00
The Panther  200H HVLP is a heavy duty HVLP air spray gun excellent for spraying in harsh environments. The Teflon anodized finish makes the 200H perfect for zinc rich, glues, CARC or any coating that makes clean-up difficult. This gun has a heavy duty needle spring, air adjusting valve, self-adjusting needle, and air valve packing. Panther guns comes standard with stainless steel fluid passages.

Air Inlet 1/4" NPS (m)
Fluid Inlet 3/8" NPS (m)
Standard setup Fluid tip 1.8 x Air Cap 22-1083 requires 12 CFM
Weight 20 oz.
If You Could Improve Your Application of Paint
In 5 Easy Steps,
Would You?

Correct Spray Technique
    Air Spray Tech Consulting
    Tech Corner
    1. Hold the spray gun perpendicular to the surface being coated.
    2. Move across the surface parallel.
    3. Move the gun before triggering, Release the trigger before the stroke has ended.
    4. Keep the distance from the gun to surface the same throughout the stroke between 6 -12 inches
    5. Overlap each stroke by approximately 50% to achieve an even film build.
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