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Improve paint spray application with professional grade HVLP Spray Guns, Conventional Air Spray Guns, Air Assist Airless and related paint spraying equipment from C.A.Technologies.


Superior Design and Engineering goes into each C.A. Technologies product (a member of the Wagner Group). As a result you receive a high quality paint finish. A major key to any finishing system is the spray booth and related finishing components. We provide Col-Met 'Simple Spraying Systems' that make sense for industrial applications. We encourage you to contact us to discuss your requirements for your finishing system,

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Lynx L300C Cat Pack Air Spray Gun CP-L300C-PPSR2 Lynx Cat Pack
List Price: $712.50
Our Price: $712.50
Sale Price: $642.19
You save $70.31!
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About Azimuth Spray Systems, LLC

We are dedicated to provide professional quality C.A. Technologies Air Spray and HVLP Spray Guns, Siphon Cups, Gravity Cups. Pressure Pots, Pumps, Repair Parts and spray equipment accessories for your paint spraying requirements. We also provide expert consultation and outstanding customer service. Our aim is to lower your cost while improving the finish quality. In addition to C.A. Technologies, we also offer Col-Met Spray Booths, Ovens, Stacks and related equipment. 'Simple Spray Systems' - Industrial Solutions that make sense, from airspraytech.com - the finishing authority.