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Improve paint spray application with Professional Grade HVLP Spray Guns, Conventional Air Spray Guns, Air Assist Airless, Airless and related paint spraying equipment parts and accessories from C.A.Technologies, Wagner Industrial, Titan Tool and Walther Pilot.


Superior Design and Engineering goes into each C.A. Technologies product (a member of the Wagner Group). As a result you receive a high quality paint finish. New to the site is Cat-Xpress Pressure Feed Air Spray Gun, Wagner Industrial Liquid Pumps and Spray Guns, Wagner Liquid Electrostatic Spray Equipment and Wagner Powder Electrostatic Spray Equipment. Just released The T2 Mini Touch Up Gun and T2 Glaze Outfit.

New to the site is Titan Tool Spray Equipment, additionally, we have added Walther Pilot Quality Spray Equipment.

A major key to any finishing system is the spray booth and related finishing components. We provide RTT Engineered Solutions 'Simple Spraying Systems' that make sense for industrial applications.

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Air Agitator Techline for 55 Gallon, Drum 54-450 TechLine Economy 55 Gallon Drum Agitator w/SS Cover

Mix It Up!

C.A. Technologies has developed the TechLine Economy Mixers to condition all types of liquid materials. This unit is a 55 gallon drum length agitator with stainless steel cover.

List Price: $1,125.40
Our Price: $1,115.40
Sale Price: $1,069.00
You save $56.40!
C.A. Technologies 2.5 Gallon Pressure Pressure Pot Pressure Pot 2.5 Gallon 51-201

Working Under Pressure? We Have the Answer!

(Many Models to Choose From)

The 2.5 gallon non-ASME tank from C.A.T. is constructed of heavy gauge steel. The non-agitated pressure pots are Teflon coated inside and out. The pressure pot has wheels for maneuverability or optional stationary feet. Tank inside dimensions: Diameter 10 1/2 ", Depth 8 3/4" Typical tank shown. Pricing is for single regulated no agitator, pressure pot only

Pot Gasket - Pressure Pot, Pressure Tank 2.5 Gallon Gasket
Parts Sheet - Pressure Pot, Pressure Tank 2.5 Gallon.
Sales Sheet - Pressure Pot, Pressure Tank Information.

List Price: $434.44
Our Price: $424.44
Sale Price: $404.00
You save $30.44!
Compressed Air Filter  Coalescer Compressed Air Filter Coalescer 52-520

Compressed Air Filter Coalescer

The Air Filter Coalescer is a two stage combination unit that offers the finest system for removal of water, dirt and oil in the industry. Due to the pre-filter design this unit can be used in high contamination areas without high element replacement rates. The first stage removes particles and water while the 2nd stage removes oil contaminants. This unit is rated at 60 SCFM and removes water, dirt, and oil to 0.01 micron at (8.99998% efficiency. For point of use operation. Unit includes air filter coalescer only. It has 1/2" port sizes and comes with auto drain and filter load indicators standard.

Parts Sheet - 52-520
Cartridge 1 - 52-551
Cartridge 2 - 52-553

Our Price: $578.27
HVLP  Low CFM Fine Finish Spray Gun FE-Line Low CFM Fine Finish

The FE-Line Low CFM is a Lightweight Ergonomic
HVLP Spray Gun!

This HVLP gun's setup is designed to operate with a 2 hp compressor. The FE-Line lightweight ergonomic design also reduces fatigue and increases mobility.
Air Inlet 1/4" NPS (m)
Fluid Inlet 3/8" NPS (m)
Weight: 15 oz.
Standard setup: 1.3 x 1090. For additional selections see drop down box. For more information see parts sheet. For helpful and friendly assistance call toll free 877-490-1777

Parts Sheet - Fe-Line Low CFM
Repair Kit - 10-140.
Spray Gun Covers - Protect Your Spray Gun.
Spray Gun Cleaning Kit - 10-500.

List Price: $373.46
Our Price: $363.46
Sale Price: $343.00
You save $30.46!
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Professional Quality Paint Spray Equipment for all Applications.

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We are dedicated to provide professional quality C.A. Technologies Air Spray and HVLP Spray Guns, Siphon Cups, Gravity Cups. Pressure Pots, Pumps, Repair Parts and spray equipment accessories for your paint spraying requirements. We also provide expert consultation and outstanding customer service. Our aim is to lower your cost while improving the finish quality. In addition to C.A. Technologies, we also offer Col-Met Spray Booths, Ovens, Stacks and related equipment.
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